French is the language of government/schools and Tahitian the language of the natives of French Polynesia.


Tahiti Papeete Mission
L'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours,
Mission Mormone, BP93
(for pkgs add: Cours de L'Union Sacree)
Papeete Tahiti 98714
Polynesie Francaise

Unto the Islands of the Sea

Send forth the elders of my church unto the nations which are afar off, unto the islands of the sea; send forth unto foreign lands; call upon all nations . . . -------------------------------------------Doctrine & Covenants 133:8
Bonjour! [bon-ZHOOR]:French-------------------------IaOrana! [ee-ah oh-RAH-na]:Tahitian-------------------------Hello!
Bienvenue! [bee-ahn-vuh-new]:French-----------------------Maeva! [mah-AY-vah]:Tahitian-----------------------Welcome!



My last few moments in Faripiti

My last few moments in Faripiti

Dear Family,
Taaroa was baptised and confirmed a member of the Church this weekend . . . .but I wasn't there.  I was transferred  Friday afternoon at 2:30ish after President had called me at 10ish in the morning.   I  was supposed to confirm Taaroa,. an amazing opportunity missed, but I guess there is more than one side to the Lord's work, and that's being willing to move around a lot.
I've been transferred to the beautiful, beautiful sector of Hitia and Tiare. President drove me down and gave me a super awesome tour of Tahiti on the way.  He knows a lot.   Tiare means flower in Tahitian and we live in a pink house.  A little gay I know, but the house is the most amazing house in the world.   We live literally on the beach and the house is super high quality, which is rare here in Tahiti.  I can't really describe it, so I will take lots of pictures.  All I can say is that the entire inside of the house is pink:  the walls,  the table,  the chairs--- everything.

The pink house in Flower Town
On the beach
View from our pink house

The neighbors are also super awesome.  Sophie, the wife of the guy that rents out our house to us (He has 3 houses with different color schemes that he rents out), insisted that we take her phone 'cause ours got lost in the transfer.   Would you give 2 random white guys your cell phone for who knows how long?   I think not.

 I am now with Elder Oldroyd.  He has been out for 3 more months than me and is from Utah.   The day after my transfer we had a surprise visit from our Bishop who told us that we had a baptism interview which we didn't know about.  (It seems that Elder Oldroyd's companion wasn't very communicative.)   After we painfully got the interview set up and in turn finished,  the Bishop drove us back to the chapel and said that it was time for the baptism. Again, we were super surprised.   So I guess I had my first baptism.   It came very suddenly and unexpected.  

 This morning we hiked to these three waterfalls and it was awesome.   Also, from our beach you can see this island out in the middle of the ocean with a single tree on it.  I will take lots of pictures.   It is super beautiful here.  Cool,
Love Y'all,
Love Elder Cosby
 3 Waterfalls Hike.  My first P-day in Hitiaa  Blue shirt is my super cool neighbor Rukrii, then  Elder Oldroyd

 Me and Elder Oldroyd

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